#PringlesReplay Social Campaign

Pringles baby! You don't just eat 'em.
And let's be honest...once you pop, you just can't stop.

Our team got a chance to take 'playing with your food' to a whole new level with the Pringles replay campaign in early 2017. The ads we created, in partnership with GREY, resulted in tens of millions of views and thousands of comments across FB, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. 


A few months ago, Pringles + GREY reached out to our team to re-create epic sports plays, but instead of HUMANS performing those plays whilst eating Pringles — it would be the actual crisps scoring goals and slamming dunks. Yep. Those delicious (albeit delicate) Pringles crisps would be running, tackling, and dribbling across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds across the globe.

IMG_2782 2.JPG


Because we created our short, snack-size videos to be played over a variety of formats (vertical, square, and widescreen) we had to make sure that our shots and stories could be truncated when necessary without losing the integrity of each unique sports play. It was vital that the screen sizes were discussed and planned for in pre-production, during the storyboarding stage. It kinda felt like we were applying our understanding of responsive website development into formatting responsive content that could tell the same story as a Snapchat ad or widescreen Facebook video. 



To animate these scenes we had to do something totally out of the box, which is why we created the Chip360®, a totally proprietary (and completely made up) tool consisting of a toothpick and hot glue that held the crisps upright while we spun them in a circle on a green screen stage.

With the Chip360® (not a real trademark or thing) we were able to capture every conceivable angle of certain crisps, to animate later on the computer. The animation of the Pringles happened in the digital space, but our team had a blast creating massive, highly detailed physical stadiums that would end up taking an uncomfortable amount of space in our studio for months after we wrapped production. At one point I think they may've been a fire hazard? Doesn't matter.

We were inspired to create a variety of the actual set pieces with Pringles packaging, so you’ll notice that our basketball hoops, football uprights, and soccer goals are all made out of a variety of materials that come built-in to your Pringles purchase. You could theoretically do this at home. But we don't recommend it.


The Football Stadium


The Basketball Court


The Hockey Rink

IMG_2750 2.JPG

THE Soccer field



Turns out, Pringles fans enjoyed watching and sharing our videos almost as much as we enjoyed creating them (and getting addicted to Pringles over the course of 3 to 4 months). Seriously, we had to ween ourselves off of them.  Since the campaigns launch, our videos have been viewed more than 15 million times.




Try not to eat the actors in this epic #PringlesReplay.

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